Marin County Employment Lawyer

Marin County Employment Lawyer

Marin County Employment Lawyer

Once upon a time, being an employee was simple. You found a job through a friend, relative, or newspaper ad. You applied and got the job and kept it until you retired or changed career paths.

Today, employment is a far more complex relationship, particularly in California. Many of the problems that can arise in that relationship can lead to you needing a lawyer. Some of the employment law areas that a Marin County employment lawyer can assist you with include:

Unlawful Termination – While California is an at-will state, you have a lot of protections even as an at-will employee. At-will employment means you can leave your job anytime for any reason, and your employer can end your relationship at any time for any lawful reason. Wrongful termination cases arise when an employer terminates you for an unlawful reason. You can’t, for example, be terminated for being a whistleblower (that is, reporting your company’s misconduct). Nor can you be terminated for a reason that will constitute illegal discrimination, such as firing an employee because of their gender/sex/sexual orientation, pregnancy, race, disability, or age.  If you have a contract, your employer must terminate you in accordance with the terms of that contract. 

These and other grounds for termination constitute a “wrongful termination” when the employer violates a law, regulation, or policy of the state or federal government. If you believe you have experienced wrongful termination, you should contact an employment lawyer experienced in wrongful termination cases as soon as possible.  

Harassment – Harassment, which is not always sexual in nature, is one of the most significant areas of employment law. Most of us are familiar with sexual harassment in its various ugly forms, but harassment also happens to members of other protected groups. If you think you are a victim of sexual harassment or unlawful harassment in Marin County because of your membership in a protected group based on your race, gender, or age, contact an employment lawyer experienced in harassment cases right away.  

Discrimination – As mentioned above, employers may not make employment decisions that discriminate in violation of law or public policy. Obviously, any time an employer chooses one candidate over another, the employer is discriminating between the two. However, if the discrimination between the two candidates derives from one candidate’s membership in a protected class, that discrimination is unlawful. The most common protected classes are gender/sex/sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, race, and age discrimination. If you have experienced discrimination by a Marin County employer based on one of these causes, you should immediately contact an employment discrimination lawyer 

Other Employment Law Issues – You may also experience problems with your employer regarding leaves of absence, fair compensation, wage and hour violations, and employment agreements. Each of these potential employment disputes involves highly technical rules and policies, which are best understood and handled by a skilled and experienced employment lawyer.

If you believe you face an employment law controversy, contact our employment law firm today or call us at 415-551-0885. We can discuss the nature of your case with you and counsel you on potential ways to respond to your issue. 


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