San Mateo Sexual Harassment Attorney

San Mateo Sexual Harassment Attorney

San Mateo Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many different forms, and they are addressed by a variety of important laws. If an employee believes they are the victim of sexual harassment on the job, they should not wait to discuss this serious matter with an experienced San Mateo sexual harassment attorney

What Qualifies as Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment at work in California is categorized into two basic types: a hostile work environment and quid pro quo sexual harassment. Each deserves a closer look.  

A Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment is one that makes an employee feel uncomfortable, intimidated, or threatened on the job. Examples of sexual harassment that fall into this category include all the following:

  • Displaying sexually explicit photos, calendars, or posters
  • Bumping into or brushing up against someone suggestively – when doing so is unwelcome 
  • Flirtatious gestures, such as winking, whistling, staring, or blatantly checking someone out at work in a manner that a reasonable person would consider offensive
  • Engaging in intimidating, threatening, or abusive behaviors or engaging in routine teasing that is more problematic than casual humor or generic rude behavior 

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo sexual harassment refers to an employer or someone in a supervisory position harassing someone who works under them. Quid pro quo sexual harassment can involve coercion that requires compliance with sexual advances in order for the victim to accomplish something, such as:

  • Advancing their career
  • Receiving a raise
  • Keeping their job

Common examples of quid pro quo sexual harassment include the following:

  • A boss who threatens an employee with a negative performance review if the employee doesn’t comply with their sexual advances
  • A boss who rewards an employee for sexual favors
  • A boss who gives an employee a raise based on their compliance with sexual advances 

Sexual harassment is addressed at both the state and the federal level, and it can lead to an intolerable work environment that can leave the affected employee feeling like they have no better option than quitting their job. 

Sexual Harassment Is a Form of Discrimination

Sexual harassment is considered a form of workplace discrimination, and the bottom line is that it can affect all the following:

  • An employee’s work performance
  • An employee’s ability to advance your career
  • An employee’s ability to receive a deserved raise or bonus
  • An employee’s overall emotional health and well-being

Being sexually harassed can leave an employee feeling demoralized, and too often, those affected feel like they have no recourse other than accepting the ugly treatment. In reality, employees do not have to accept intimidating, degrading, or humiliating behaviors in the workplace, and a trusted sexual harassment attorney can help. 

Consult with an Experienced San Mateo Sexual Harassment Attorney Today

The focused San Mateo sexual harassment attorneys at Minnis & Smallets appreciate just how harmful sexual harassment at work can be and how difficult it can be to effectively address. We take pride in the skilled legal guidance we offer and in our impressive track record of successfully guiding complex claims toward advantageous outcomes. Reach out and contact us for more information today.   


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