Sexual Harassment Attorney Mountain View

Sexual Harassment Attorney Mountain View

Sexual Harassment Attorney Mountain View

Sexual harassment has been unlawful in the American workplace for decades. In spite of these laws, sexual harassment persists in California, and many employees are hurt every year. California’s sexual harassment laws have been strengthened in the wake of important social movements like #MeToo and #Time’sUp. It is important for those who experience sexual harassment to understand the laws that protect them so they can prevent future harm to themselves and other employees. Here are just a few of workers’ important legal rights. To discuss any specific concerns, contact a sexual harassment attorney in Mountain View

Employees Have The Right To Notify Their Employer Of The Harassment So They Can Take Steps To Stop It

Employers can be held liable for allowing a hostile work environment to persist. These companies can also be held liable for allowing supervisors to demand sexual favors from their employees in “quid pro quo” harassment cases. In order to hold an employer accountable, an employee must notify the company of the problem. The company can then be held liable for sexual harassment if it fails to take reasonable steps to correct the problem. Employees are also protected from being retaliated against for reporting workplace sexual harassment to their employers. 

Employees have the right to report the conduct to the appropriate authorities without retaliation.  

The Law Requires Employees To Be Free From Retaliation At Work When They Report Sexual Harassment

This means that there cannot be any adverse consequences to the employee’s working conditions. Reduced responsibilities, fewer opportunities for advancement, missing overtime, and similar actions can all constitute retaliation. Employees are protected from these actions. They are also allowed to report sexual harassment to the proper authorities. Our sexual harassment lawyers can determine which authorities should receive reports of sexual harassment. Making confidential employment information public is not protected, so it is important to work with an employment lawyer to make a protected report to the correct government agency. 

Employees have the right to hire their own lawyer to enforce these rights and protect them from future harassment. 

It can be difficult to know what to do in a dangerous workplace situation. Employees are likely to face pressure from someone (or the entire company) to keep silent. The fact is that employees who suffer sexual harassment have legal rights. New state laws even protect employees from being silenced by nondisclosure agreements. Now, more than ever, employees have the force of law behind them when they report sexual harassment. No one should have to stay silent in an unsafe situation at work. 

Employees have the right to hire an employment lawyer – one who is on their side, and not their employer’s. An attorney will advise a possible client on the best way to ensure that they are protected when they report sexual harassment at work. 

The Right California Employment Lawyers For All Mountain View Sexual Harassment Issues

The experienced sexual harassment lawyers at Minnis & Smallets have years of experience in protecting California workers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a sexual harassment attorney in Mountain View. 


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