Wage and Hour Attorney San Mateo

Wage and Hour Attorney San Mateo

Wage and Hour Attorney San Mateo

California wage and hour laws set forth several requirements with regard to minimum wages, tips, lunch and meal breaks, other work-related breaks, the definition of time worked, the timing of wage payments, and the manner of wage payments. Employers who violate state or federal laws can be held accountable for oversights in these areas, and a wage and hour attorney in San Mateo can help you get justice.

Every person who lawfully works in California has the right to be paid fairly for the wages they have earned and should also be entitled to appropriate benefits when applicable. Wage and hour violations can encompass a number of different acts.

Types of Wage and Hour Disputes

Some common wage and hour violations include:

  • Unpaid wages or overtime
  • Late payment at separation
  • Unpaid sales commissions or commissions not included in overtime rates
  • Denial of meal or rest breaks or breaks that are not compensated
  • Failure to reimburse for work-related expenses
  • Unlawful practices concerning vacation pay and time off
  • Illegal wage deductions and payroll errors
  • Inaccurate wage and hour calculations
  • Employer failure to provide wage statements
  • Violations of California minimum wage laws

One of the most common issues in wage and hour violations concerns employee misclassification. Some employers misclassify employees as managers or assistant managers, which should not automatically disqualify the employee’s right to overtime compensation, rest breaks, or meal periods as employees have to satisfy very specific requirements to be considered exempt from overtime and rest/meal periods.

In other cases, employers misclassify employees as independent contractors to avoid paying payroll taxes, minimum wage, and overtime, as well as offering meal breaks, rest breaks, health benefits, and expense reimbursement. Some employees may be misclassified as exempt workers, which can affect the employee’s rights to minimum wage, overtime pay, and more.

Other kinds of wage and hour violations can include employers having employees sign void releases, which are typically one-sided severance agreements. Furthermore, employers also withhold pay following termination, which is also a violation of state law.

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