Whistleblower Lawyer San Francisco

Whistleblower Lawyer San Francisco

Whistleblower Lawyer San Francisco

It’s important for workers to feel safe in their work environment. Yet, according to reports, only 65 percent of employees in the United States feel safe at work. The people who know the most about the unsafe, illegal, and unethical practices at a workplace are the employees. 

Unfortunately, these same employees stand the most to lose when they blow the whistle on law-breaking employers. It often takes considerable courage to stand up and fight for what you believe, but you don’t need to do it alone as a whistleblower lawyer in San Francisco can help you.

Should you be considering being a whistleblower, you could be protected by both federal and state laws. The Minnis & Smallets lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to help protect the rights of whistleblowers. We can ensure you are not subject to retaliation and that you feel safer in your place of work. 

Who Is Considered A Whistleblower?

Anyone who reveals information about wrongdoing within a business or organization that would not usually be shown is considered a whistleblower. Often whistleblowers will reveal wasteful practices, fraudulent acts, corrupt business dealings, and abusive behaviors. 

Although potentially anyone can be a whistleblower, it is frequently employees, contractors, and volunteers who work for companies that blow the whistle on the behaviors mentioned above. It’s important to note that you need to meet certain specific guidelines that state and federal governments set if you wish to be a whistleblower. 

Although there are more than 50 federal whistleblower laws, the most important law that whistleblowers need to adhere to is the False Claims Act. 

Is It Possible To Remain An Anonymous Whistleblower?

In some rare instances, it is possible to remain anonymous, but this is not the norm. Most cases will become public knowledge, making it incredibly hard for a whistleblower to maintain their unknown identity. Additionally, most whistleblowers cannot remain anonymous because the company they are accusing of wrongdoing will try to defend itself against the claims being made against them.

Are You Covered By The Whistleblower Laws In San Francisco?

Under California, whistleblower law employers are forbidden from retaliating against an employee who has reported violations or non-compliance issues at their workplace. Additionally, the California whistleblower law also protects workers against retaliation that may arise due to them refusing to participate in any activity deemed to be in violation of state or federal law.

How Do You File A Whistleblower Lawsuit In San Francisco?

Should you believe that you have evidence of your state employer participating in illegal or unethical behavior, you could be able to initiate a California False Claims Act lawsuit. Additionally, suppose you have evidence pertaining to your private employer being involved in harmful or illegal activity. In that case, you can report their actions to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health or the California Labor Commissioner. 

California’s statute of limitations gives you up to six years from when the False Claims Act violation occurred to file a whistleblower claim.  Moreover, there are different procedures for those filing a lawsuit against a state employer and those filing a claim against a private employer. 

Get In Contact With A San Francisco Whistleblower Lawyer Today To Discuss Your Lawsuit

Suppose you are a whistleblower or are considering becoming one, you should consider contacting a San Francisco whistleblower lawyer. Often filing a whistleblower claim is extensive as it requires committed preparation and ample evidence. At Minnis & Smallets, we can help you ensure you have a valid claim that is comprehensive and unlikely to be prematurely rejected. Get in contact with us if you decide you want peace of mind during your whistleblower claims proceedings.


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