Whistleblower Retaliation Attorneys Near Me

Whistleblower Retaliation Attorneys Near Me

Whistleblower Retaliation Attorneys Near Me

Unlike other states, California has extensive whistleblower retaliation laws that protect both private and public employees. Should you be a whistleblower who has reported your employer for illegal actions or unsafe practices and they have retaliated against you, you can do something about it. 

A whistleblower retaliation attorney near you in San Francisco can help you initiate a lawsuit against your employer. 

At the exceptional law firm of Minnis & Smallets, we are well versed in the more than 50 federal laws surrounding whistleblower cases. We can guide you on what to do and ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. 

The Whistleblower Protection Act

Unfortunately, retaliation cases in California are common. In most instances, a retaliation case in San Francisco will involve an employee who has reported discrimination, harassment, or illegal conduct that has transpired at their place of work. As a result of an employee reporting these types of actions, they are usually fired or made to face regular unfair consequences. 

As we mentioned previously, California whistleblower laws are much more extensive than in other states. This means that if you are an employee in California, you are protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act. Below are the few ways you are protected if you decide to speak out against your employer because they are participating in or condoning dangerous and illegal actions in the workplace. 

  • The Act protects employees against acts of retaliation if they have reported a state or federal violation. 
  • It protects employees who disclose violations even if they do so from beyond their designated role in the workplace.
  • All those under the protection of these laws can file a claim and seek damages if their employer has retaliated against them. 

What Counts As Illegal Whistleblower Retaliation?

Although it is most often seen that retaliation takes the form of illegally dismissing a whistleblower, it is not the only form of retaliation that whistleblowers face. Some of the common retaliation tactics that San Francisco employers use are listed below. 

  • Demotion from a previous employment position. 
  • A salary reduction. 
  • Verbal and physical assaults. 
  • The loss of bonuses and other job position benefits. 
  • Being restricted to only speaking with selected personnel while losing access to supervisors and other employees.
  • Having key responsibilities taken away.
  • Not being allowed to take on any new projects or to participate in existing work projects. 
  • Experiencing a hostile work environment. 

What Are The Damages A Whistleblower Could Seek?

Unfortunately, whistleblowers who suffer from workplace retaliation can suffer from various emotional, reputational, physical, and financial injuries. If you speak with a Whistleblower attorney, you could seek compensation for the suffering you have incurred. 

Below we have provided a simplified list of the most common damages and reparations you can seek if you are suffering from retaliation in the workplace.

  • Monetary damages for physical and emotional injuries such as hospital and psychologist bills. 
  • Injunctive relief to stop a particular untoward practice or activity.
  • Compensation for lost wages and back pay.
  • Monetary damages for defamation of character.
  • Reinstatement into a former job position that was previously taken away. 

Contact A San Francisco Whistleblower Retaliation Attorney Today To Discuss Your Case

To make the most of the whistleblower rights you have under California law, you should consider hiring a San Francisco whistleblower attorney. Often whistleblowers will require a diligent, well-learned, and experienced attorney. The attorneys at Minnis & Smallets possess these qualities, which is why we can provide you with legal guidance at every step of the journey. We can help you with disclosing a violation and with seeking compensation for illegal retaliation, so get in contact with us today


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