Client Reviews

Client Reviews

A. W.


Highly recommend Aaron Minnis. Aaron is very professional and kind. Guarantee, if you qualify for a case with this firm, you won’t lose. Thank you, Aaron Minnis.

Faye S.


I consulted Sonya Smallets and highly recommend her for any wrongful termination case. Her passion for fighting discrimination is evident, and both she and Debby, her assistant, were incredibly professional and paid meticulous attention to detail. In addition to being top of her field (with experience and wisdom that that brings) Sonya was empathetic and kind while also being realistic. If I decide to pursue my case, I will be retaining her.

J. G.


I highly recommend Aaron Minnis for employment law services. He deserves a 5/5 rating for his excellent work. During a difficult time in my life, Aaron provided exceptional support and guidance during my layoff process. He was able to help me achieve the best outcome possible, and his expertise in employment law was invaluable. I also appreciated Aaron’s wisdom and support during this challenging time, as I was dealing with other personal issues including medical problems, disrupted education plans, and immigration matters that required me to leave the country. I contacted several other attorneys for free or paid services, but none of them were as helpful as Aaron. He truly stood out in his professionalism and dedication to his clients. If you are in need of employment law assistance, I highly recommend Aaron Minnis.

Andrew L.


I came to Aaron with a complicated question regarding the terms of my separation from an employer. He helped me understand my legal options in clear, concise terms and explained the relevant pluses and minuses of each.

Just as important, he gave me a sense of being in the best hands. He is a true master of this legal domain. And it’s worth noting that he makes the experience as pleasant as it can be.

With Aaron’s excellent support, I was able to get the best possible outcome.

Tony S.


He is the most professional, educated and knowledgeable lawyer with whom I have worked. He provides honest counsel, he advises with integrity and he sets realistic expectations. He helped me approach my former firm in the most appropriate manner and advised me on all possible outcomes and the best path to take to move forward. He put me in an excellent position to negotiate the best deal for myself. Aaron took the time to truly understand what was important to me so that I could move past an unfortunate experience, feeling I had arrived at the best possible solution. I cannot say enough good things about Aaron and his firm. I highly recommend Minnis & Smallets!

Dave O.


As we discussed a challenging retroactive employment issue, she approached the conversation with a level of empathy, curiosity, and intelligence. She explained the applicable law relative to the issues at hand and offered valuable suggestions and next steps. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this firm to others.

Veronica P.


Sonya Smallets is an outstanding attorney. Since the first time I met her, I felt comfortable talking to her because she was honest and sincere and cared about my situation-unlawful termination. During the course of my case, she kept me well informed and explained legal matters in ways that were easy and concise for me to understand. She always had time to listen and to answer to any concerns I had. She gave her best to ensure I, her client, got the best possible service. Thanks to her expertise and professionalism, my legal dispute was positively resolved in my favor. Her assistant, Debby, was always professional, attentive, nice and friendly.

I highly recommend Sonya Smallets for any employment issues. She is talented and dedicated and will always work on your best interest. You’ll be represented by one of the best.

Jonathan C.


My daughter was born 2 weeks before my company, where I’d worked for 10+ years, announced layoffs. I had a 2 week paternity benefit and the termination came on the first day of unpaid Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave. I had a limited amount of time respond and in a state of panic, I ran some google searches and called 4 or 5 firms in California to figure out what, if any, recourse I had.

I summarized my situation to the legal assistant/para who answered and she offered me an appointment with Sonya the next day. After speaking to several attorneys, Sonya was by far the most helpful, sympathetic and resourceful. She spent over 90 minutes on the phone with me over 2 calls discussing my case and breaking down my options which included coaching my own response to HR to double my severance package in light of the FMLA because I was clearly made aware that I had a case and Sonya would represent me.

Sonya was honest and clear about the difficulties in litigation which very much helped inform my decision to move forward. I would strongly recommend that anybody that might have a legal beef with an employer consult Sonya and her team and they will provide honest and caring guidance down whichever path is most suitable.

It was a very difficult moment for me, and I cannot thank Sonya enough for her kind and generous assistance.

Carrie C.


Minnis & Smallets was recommended by a friend who is an attorney himself in another specialty. I was unexpectedly laid off while on medical leave and needed advice on how to navigate the legality of the situation. I first spoke with Sean McHenry who is an associate at the office. He listened very carefully to my situation and consulted with the partners. After a development in my case, I spoke to Sean again who was heading out of town but arranged for me to meet with Aaron Minnis in person. Aaron was just as patient and kind and practical when I met with him. He gave me some frank advice that helped me decide how to proceed for the quickest and best outcome which actually did NOT involve legal representation and hence was part of their initial consultation. It was a refreshing experience because I consulted with other lawyers who basically asked for fees upfront to represent me when I was pretty sure I could make my own case for my company. Things worked out in my favor so I’m very pleased with the advice Aaron gave me. I highly recommend the firm to anyone needing an employment law specialist.

Alice N.


Cannot top the reviews already written about this team of lawyers. At the time I was searching for legal counsel I based my search from Yelp reviews (taking a chance…). Scheduled an appointment and met with Sonya. I found her to be very patient and empathetic, and listened to me. I appreciated her responses, something I needed having gone through a very unpleasant employment situation. We spoke for over an hour and I never once felt rushed and she gave me time to explain my issues. I worked with their associate Sean McHenry throughout which was resolved with a positive outcome. Sean is extremely patient, a smart and thorough thinker, very professional, all qualities I found helpful to get me through my case. Debby is wonderful and her follow-up is fantastic!

I would highly recommend this team of lawyers for employment issues. If you do have Sean represent you, make sure he wears his lucky tie for you!

Crissie B.


Being forced into an unfortunate situation and needing legal counsel is never a fun place to be. Especially when you have no idea where to start. I started my search for counsel on Yelp. I read dozens of reviews on multiple firms and luckily I decided on Minnis & Smallets. I called and described my situation and ended up going in and speaking with Aaron. I was a total nervous mess! Aaron really helped to put me at ease and confident in what I was doing was the right thing and we decided to move forward.

The entire process from start to finish was a positive experience for me thanks to Aaron and his team. He explained every step of the process to me and made sure that I was comfortable prior to proceeding. He always kept me informed of every aspect of the case. Aaron really took the time to make it feel like we were a team fighting together. Aaron is a total legal rock star! I would highly recommend Minnis & Smallets, LLP to anyone!

My experience working with Minnis and Smallets was nothing short of exemplary. After consulting a number of firms on my case, Aaron Minnis demonstrated a not only an unrivaled understanding of the facts of my case and applicable laws but also showed concern for me personally, and made sure to thoroughly explain what to expect. Throughout my case, Aaron gave sound advice and was prompt to respond to any inquiry I had. Ultimately, I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone seeking experts in employment law to Minnis and Smallets.


Needing to find a lawyer to deal will employment issues is not an easy task. It’s usually a time where you are forced to face a very difficult transition in your life and emotions are high. Aaron Minnis, along with his staff, offers professional, personal, and supportive legal services. They are strong advocates for employee rights and provide you with a clear understanding of what your legal rights are and what steps should be taken to seek legal justice. They always get back to you and meet all deadlines, consistently. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for all the support, legally and emotionally they gave me. I highly recommend Aaron and his team and feel so fortunate to have worked with such a skilled, knowledgeable and invested lawyer. Thank you for providing me with the necessary closure, which allows me to leave a horrible and unfair experience in the past and continue with a new chapter in my life.

Johnny W.


Minnis & Smallets is probably the best employment law firm in SF that looks after the individual. They handled a very tough case for me and came away with a positive outcome — having them has indeed been a saver in terms of time, stress, and yes money too. Aaron has always been responsive in returning calls, sympathetic in listening and not rushed, and thorough in his explanations and recommendations. Similarly, Sonya went above and beyond her responsibilities and the agreed scope — she even accompanied me to a separate proceeding (that she did not have to attend) to make sure it would be done properly. It is really hard to find honest, reasonably-priced, and down-to-earth lawyers and so I count myself very fortunate on having met them (also through Yelp!). 5 stars and more!

Kristin B.

What a team! Aaron and Sonya are both fabulous attorneys individually. However, now that they have teamed up and formed a partnership that exponentially adds to their power, persuasion and sensibility. They are both accessible and willing to consider all options, strategies and ideas while at the same time each is sensitive and concerned with the optimal outcome for their client. Aaron took my case and handled the entire process with integrity and competence without ever losing sight of the seriousness of the issues at hand but also conscientiously made it his business to look out for my best interest as a whole. Sonya joined Aaron a few months into my case. She is dynamic and intelligent as well. I could not have been more impressed with her ability to wrap her head around a complicated, multi-player/multi-layered case in such a short amount of time. They are both brilliant and work incredibly hard to get the best results for their clients! It was well worth the drive from Fresno to San Francisco to find competent representation. The staff (Troy and Sean) in the office were also incredibly kind and accessible.

R B.


For the C-Level Executive, Minnis & Smallets is the ONLY employment law firm in the SF Bay Area, who has the:  smarts, sophistication, 1:1 high level client service, and the trial experience to get winning results for their clients. In my experience, I interviewed 90% of the top employment law firms in the SF Bay Area.

Here is what happened:
– Eighty percent (80%) did not bother to return my call.
– Of those firms I met with, most did not have trial experience. How does that happen?
– And finally, most firms had the “Big Me/Little you” attitude from the start.

If you truly want to be treated like the VIP Executive that you are and get a highly valuable resolution to your case: Minnis & Smallets should be your top choice in the
SF Bay Area.

Dave A.

Sonya and Sean have been wonderful. Their knowledge and expertise has been instrumental to the outcome of my case. Litigation can be a very stressful but Sonya and Sean were able to alleviate that stress for me. Both attorneys were able to explain things to me in a way that I could understand and were very patient with me. Their assistant, Debbie, was also a great resource of information. Sonya and Sean were able to get a favorable outcome in my case. If I should ever find myself in a situation to where I need an attorney, Minnis & Smallets will be the only firm that I call!



Aaron Minnis is fantastic! I consider myself very lucky to have found him. Aaron is sharp minded, level headed, and possesses a clear and deep understanding of the law. I consulted several lawyers prior to Aaron who declined to represent me. Aaron assured me that I had a strong case that was a clear violation of labor law. Aaron worked diligently to win me a very satisfactory settlement from my employer in a fairly unusual discrimination and harassment case. Aaron took the lead throughout the process, but always listened to my concerns, providing both expertise and counseling as required. Having Aaron Minnis as your lawyer will significantly increase your chances of a positive outcome to your case. He is also a great guy. I give him my strongest recommendation and would not hesitate to hire him again.

Maya C.


I talked to many attorneys before choosing to work with Sonya Smallets for a complicated employment/disability issue. I chose her for the generosity of time and information she gave me in our first consultation, her in depth understand of employment and disability laws, and an approach that focused on negotiation rather than going straight to litigation. I am so glad I chose her and have been pleased with the outcome of a situation that could have lost me my job. Sonya is smart, astute, compassionate and extremely responsive.

Tony B.


Aaron took on my employment law case about four years ago. I couldn’t have been happier with his work and how it all turned out. Aaron is unbelievably professional, but you still know he cares on a personal level and it shows. He was patient, understanding, and took the time to *always* address my emails/calls promptly. And he’s really really good at the law. In my case, it was clear he was running circles around the other counsel. A big part of it is that he is very smart. But as big a part is that he does his homework and footwork. He is very thorough, which makes the other guy’s job that much more difficult. Without hesitation or reservation, I would recommend Aaron to my closest of family and friends (and have already).

Nicola P.


I recently went through an unexpected change in employment and had some lingering questions about whether what I’d been through was entirely legal. When I called I spoke to Sean McHenry who patiently and kindly inquired about the reason for my call and the basic nature of my situation. He then gave me clear guidance on how to prepare for my appointment and what materials to prepare and bring. When I came in I met with Sonya who proved to be an excellent and thoughtful listener and a superb explainer of legal concepts and distinctions. In under an hour, I felt I’d been completely heard and understood and I left knowing my options and what the underlying legalities were that might relate to my situation. All in all, an incredibly efficient, non-intimidating, and satisfying exploration of my situation. I will refer and I will use Minnis and Smallets again if I need legal assistance.


It’s never easy losing a job. After serving as an executive with an organization for multiple years, I was unexpectedly fired. Given that my termination letter was chalked full of inaccuracies, I sought the counsel of an expert attorney who could provide me with direction and help me navigate through the legal terrain of being wrongfully terminated. Beginning with our first conversation, which was a cold call on my end, Aaron Minnis stood head and shoulders above the other local attorneys I spoke to about my matter. He was clearly an expert on the issue at hand. Additionally, he patiently addressed all of my questions and was extremely empathic about my job loss. Without reservation, I elected to hire Minnis as my attorney. He was generous with his time, fair with his rates, and frequently checked in with me to ensure I was comfortable and aligned with his suggested strategy at various stages along the way. While it’s never easy losing a job, I am fortunate to have had Aaron Minnis representing me.

Dorice M.

Aaron took my case in January 2013. I am very happy with his work and how it turned out. Aaron is very professional and you know he cares on a personal level. He was patient and always took the time to address my emails and calls promptly. Sean was always available to help also. I would recommend Aaron very highly.

Myra S.


Sonya Smallets is an amazing lawyer! She is an expert in her line of work and knows how to communicate very well. She explains the details of the process in an easy to understand way. She took the time to answer all of the (many) questions I had. This made an otherwise stressful process a little less daunting. I trust her judgement and her as an individual. She is very easy to work with. Most importantly, she gets the job done!


I would highly recommend Sonya Smallets to you. She possesses a sharp legal acumen, a shrewd eye for detail and clearly demonstrates a keen grasp of employment law. Sonya is a patient and attentive listener and at all times remains cognizant of the needs and wishes of her clients. Her advice is sound and practical, and she has a gift for summarizing a variety of legal options, including the accompanying risk in each, in a straightforward and common sense way. Although Sonya was able to solve my particular issue in a very amenable way, I never doubted she would have gone into bat for me if the need arose. Lastly, I would add that Sonya has a “bed side manner'” more like a friend or guidance counselor than perhaps your typical lawyer. She is most empathetic. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jim O.

Sonya Smallets has an exceptional combination of legal knowledge, intellect and communication skills. In respect to my labor concerns (large sales commission due and noncompete concerns), Sonya was able to sight the exact labor code and case precedence that applied, off the top of her head. Sonya is highly responsive. In my case she was expeditious in working through and turning around substantiated advise. Thank you Sonya, highly recommended!

Wayne B.

Aaron did an amazing job in handling my employment matter. He was aggressive, persistent and never backed off until my case was successfully settled. He always returned my phone calls and was great about keeping me informed so I never had to wonder or worry about the status of my case. Aaron also gave solid legal advice every step of the way and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I highly recommend him for any employment-related issues.

Eliza J.


What can you say about the best attorney in the world. After I interviewed multiple firms in the City, I found that Minnis & Smallets, LLP stood out on many levels. I found Sonya not only to be kind and professional, but extremely knowledgeable. She was excellent about explaining the process in detail for my case. She knows what she is doing, big or small legal issue, and will help you with honesty and fairness. Unlike larger firms Sonya has a personal touch with the attention you need and want from an attorney. Thank you Minnis & Smallets, LLP!


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