Signs of Age Discrimination
Signs of Age Discrimination

Signs of Age Discrimination

There are many kinds of discrimination in the workplace, but one form that doesn’t always receive the attention that it should is age discrimination. Age discrimination protections relate to employees who are over the age of 40, and they apply when an employer denies the employee a work-related benefit based on their age. Any employee who believes they may have experienced age discrimination on the job shouldn’t wait to consult with an experienced California employment law attorney

The Federal Law

The federal law that protects employees against age discrimination on the job is called the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), and it applies to employees in all the following situations:

  • When their employer has at least 20 employees
  • When they work for a federal, local, or state government
  • When they work for an employment agency
  • When they are in a labor organization that has at least 25 members

California’s laws provide even more expansive protections in relation to age discrimination. 

Is It Age Discrimination? 

It is not uncommon for employees to good-naturedly tease one another about their ages – whether they are older or younger than one another – and this generally isn’t interpreted as age discrimination. Some practices that often are, however, include the following:

  • An employer who disproportionately hires younger employees
  • Harassment on the job that is focused on age
  • A tendency to hire or promote younger people because they demand less pay
  • An assumption that older employees have no understanding of technology
  • A practice of isolating older employees
  • Few advancement opportunities for older employees
  • The targeting of older employees for staff reductions and layoffs 
  • The exclusion of older employees from work-related social events or activities
  • The use of unreasonable or unfair disciplinary action toward older employees
  • Employers who routinely give the best positions, projects, and opportunities to younger employees
  • Employers who pass over older employees for promotions they’re well qualified for

Being discriminated against as a result of one’s age is not only disheartening but can also strip employees of their dignity and the respect they deserve. Employees who believe they’ve been affected by age discrimination shouldn’t wait to discuss their concerns with savvy employment law attorneys who have a wealth of experience guiding challenging claims toward advantageous outcomes. 

An Experienced California Employment Law Attorney Is Standing By to Help

The seasoned California employment law attorneys at Minnis & Smallets dedicate their practice to fiercely protecting employee rights, including those related to mental health issues. Too many employees are afraid to share their mental health concerns due to fear of negative consequences on the job, but skilled legal guidance can help. Don’t put off contacting us for more information today. 

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